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Inspiring Upbeat Corporate  

by DP Music 
Feel-good corporate royalty free music with ping pong style synthesizers and warm chords. Ideal for videos showcasing: good times, easy, well-being, feeling good, friends, groups, real estate videos, background music for business, dreamy, breezy 

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Light hearted soundtrack ideal for a wide variety of videos: Ideal for photography slideshows, positive content, confidence, creative content, introspective, documentary, outro, intro, discussion, panel, dialogue, thought provoking, working, dreams, forecast, smiling, feel good, happy, 

Calm Inspiring Acoustic Guitar  

by Eitan Epstein Music 
Feel-good folk acoustic music with acoustic guitars and soft piano imparting a feeling of well-being and reassurance. Ideal for videos containing: nature, natural, wholesome, education, family, reassurance, family values, well-being, health, senior, nurture, care, optimistic, nursing home, love, sainte valentines, romantic, sensitive, compassion, yoga, meditation, relaxation, calming, peaceful, water, romantic, intimacy, love

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Corporate City  

by AirsoulBeats 
Corporate royalty free music with repetitive motif and simple chord progression creating a reassuring mood.

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Corporate Motivational  

by AirsoulBeats 
Inspirational corporate music suited to instilling reassurance and trust.

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