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Julian Taylor, founder, musician, writer

We make licensing royalty free music easy


We’re a small team of dedicated musicians offering high quality royalty free music unencumbered by prohibitive licensing policies.
We’ve simplified the music licensing options for our users in hopes of restoring confidence and transparency in what has become a
somewhat convoluted industry. Our library includes music for television, film, apps and video suited for a wide range of distribution mediums.
Visit our music licensing policy for more details.

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Our music library is built around the tenants of speed and efficiency. We’ve simplified our library for users to quickly access a
breadth of soundtracks all while having the ability to purchase music in just a few clicks.

Royalty free music

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Copyright protection


More than ever, YouTubers and advertising firms express the need for transparency when sourcing stock music.
As video advertising surges in popularity, content creators are monetizing their videos which inherently requires
content id free soundtracks. Flagged YouTube videos and copyright infringement claims are cause for concern for
video editors and well-established advertising companies. In this rapidly changing industry, we are committed
to offering content id free soundtracks to our users. Although our tracks are not registered with YouTube’s
content id agencies, we encourage crediting and linking back to in Youtube’s video descriptions fields.

Our users are worldwide and included in our invoices is a VAT number.

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