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What is royalty free music and what am I purchase?
You are buying background music that is to be used in a video. Because royalties are not collected each time your video is streamed it remains royalty free. Moreover your purchase includes an MP3 file and a valid music license.
What is a music license?
Music licenses are what grants you the right to use royalty free audio in your video productions. It is strongly recommended to buy royalty free music from reputable music libraries and avoid copyright infringement claims and legal disputes. We offer two licenses, standard or complete. Learn more about music licenses here
Can I use this royalty free music in my YouTube video?
Yes. We also recommend adding a credit your in Youtube description field. Doing so greatly reduces the risk of video take downs.
Will my YouTube video get flagged?
No. Our music library contains music that is not content id registered. This does not trigger youtube copyright claims.
Can I use this royalty free music in any video?
Yes, you may use these soundtracks in non Youtube videos. In fact, our music library provides music for tv, radio games, apps and all video productions.
I run a small business. Can I use royalty free music in my video?
Yes, you can use our royalty free music in your video. Avoid video take downs with credit to or a link in the description of video sharing website – Youtube, Vimeo etc.
I run a big business. Can I use royalty free music in my video?
Yes, you can use our royalty free music in your video. Avoid copyright infringement claims by crediting to or a link in the description of video sharing website – Youtube, Vimeo etc.
Help! My computer crashed and I’ve lost my audio files.
Please provide us with the email used to buy your music. We’ll re-enable your download as soon as possible. We recommend storing files on an external hard drive. contact
Can I use one song in multiple videos?
Yes. You would need to purchase a standard license or complete license. Learn more on music licenses here.
How do I download my music?
No account registration is required from us. Simply click the download button to any soundtrack and we’ll redirect you to Paypal’s secured payment gateway. Complete your payment through Paypal or by using any major credit card. Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be automatically redirected to your download page. You will also receive an email which includes a download link.
I just purchased a soundtrack and did not receive a download link? What next?
Once purchase is complete via the secure PayPal interface, you’ll be automatically directed to your secured download link. Closing your browser prior to redirection may result in your download being inaccessible. In this case, contact us.
Can I add vocal singing to a track I purchased?
No. Adding vocal tracks for singing purposes is prohibited. Conversely, adding voice over dialogue and narration is permitted.
What will I be downloading?
You’re downloading a .zip file containing the following: mp3, .txt file and .pdf file.
What format are your audio files?
All royalty free music tracks are encoded as mp3 44.1K Wav files are available upon request. MP3 are smaller files and are easily downloaded onto phones, tablets and desktops.
I’m a vocalist. Can I sign over a track and sell it?
No. Our music licensing agreement does not allow derivative works to be resold. Conversely music may be resold and distributed if it is included in an end products such as a video game or app.
What is your refund policy
We do not issue refunds. Prior to completing your purchase, please ensure you’re selecting the correct song.
Do you provide invoices?
Yes. Invoices are emailed from Paypal after successful checkout. We recommend saving your invoices for future reference.
I produce music. Are you hiring?
Yes. Although we work with a small team of contributors we welcome new talent. Visit our submissions webpage.