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Black Hawk  

by Solxis 
Royalty free ambient music with relaxing strings and undulating chords ideal for slow and deliberate videos containing: life, documentaries, travel, peaceful, yoga, meditation, yoga instructional videos, religion, science, space exploration, biology, nature

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Soft and sustained pads with morphing undertones creating a sense of wonder. Suited for videos about: nature, human development, scientific research, intellectual, mind altered states, spirituality, mother nature, introspection, calming imagery, peace, flying, soaring activities 

Calm Inspiring Acoustic Guitar  

by Eitan Epstein Music 
Feel-good folk acoustic music with acoustic guitars and soft piano imparting a feeling of well-being and reassurance. Ideal for videos containing: nature, natural, wholesome, education, family, reassurance, family values, well-being, health, senior, nurture, care, optimistic, nursing home, love, sainte valentines, romantic, sensitive, compassion, yoga, meditation, relaxation, calming, peaceful, water, romantic, intimacy, love

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Calm Inspire  

by Media_M 
Versatile corporate royalty free music with delayed guitars, static piano chords and calming pads instilling a sense of trust and authority. Ideal for videos containing: aerial drone footage, corporate business environments, positivity, diversity, happy people, real estate inspiring video content, teaching, education, hopeful outcomes, family oriented footage, health, family values, honestly, trustworthiness, learning

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Sexy Lady  

by Ikoliks 
Mellow guitars and sophisticated keyboards create a sophisticated soundtrack imparting style and intimacy.

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by Ikoliks 
Casual background music borrowing from chill out and ambient genres highlighting serene experiences.

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