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Emotive Choir  

by AudioAlchemist 
Emotive children's choir ideal for videos with: spiritual, ambience, ambient, christmas, regal, nature, natural, wholesome, love, elderly,  love, passion, and compassion

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Emotive choir featuring angelic children’s choir, ideal for video with church, wholesome, spirituality, organic, well-being, happiness, general well-being, elderly,

Calm Inspiring Acoustic Guitar  

by Eitan Epstein Music 
Feel-good folk acoustic music with acoustic guitars and soft piano imparting a feeling of well-being and reassurance. Ideal for videos containing: nature, natural, wholesome, education, family, reassurance, family values, well-being, health, senior, nurture, care, optimistic, nursing home, love, sainte valentines, romantic, sensitive, compassion, yoga, meditation, relaxation, calming, peaceful, water, romantic, intimacy, love

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Deep Thought  

by Viminod 
Memorable solo piano instrumental with thoughtful and lonely piano.

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