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Current News: 5 Helpful Tips For Increasing YouTube Engagement, Viewership and Subscribers

5 Helpful Tips For Increasing YouTube Engagement, Viewership and Subscribers


YouTube Engagement Strategies

YouTube Engagement Strategies

So you’ve purchased some background music and now you want to make a video.


But what happens after you upload and publish your video?

Unless you already have an audience waiting for your latest video to drop, your YouTube upload runs the risk of catching the dreaded “no view” syndrome.

No view syndrome is the symptom of poorly executed marketing strategies.. or lack thereof

It can lead to a loss of creativity and become a source of much frustration.

Here are some tips from YouTube content creators that will resurrect your videos from the “no view” cemetery.


Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos


How To Add Hashtags To YouTube Videos

How To Add Hashtags To YouTube Videos


If you’ve watched YouTube videos in the past several months, you must have come across a string of hashtags sandwiched between the video and main title.

These recent additions are not only clickable but are becoming an effective search criteria for the ever-growing video sharing platform.

Here’s how to add hashtags above your YouTube video.

  • In your video’s description field, simply add the # symbol before a keyword you want your video to be associated with
  • YouTube will add the hashtags above the title of your video
  • There’s a limit of three hashtags per video so choose wisely
  • Consider including the name of your YouTube channel as a hashtag
  • Do you often use a slogan or catch phrase in your videos? If yes, then make it a hashtag – for example: #fit4life
  • If you’re running a local business, include a hashtag of the city in which you service

Why are YouTube hashtags so important?

  • Hashtags are searchable
  • Hashtags are clickable – a feature your mobile viewers will appreciate
  • There’s an ongoing land-grab so be the first to snag lucrative high-ranking keywords/hashtags ex #realestate

Visit YouTube’s community guidelines for more details.


Design YouTube Thumbnails that Grab Attention


Canva YouTube Thumbnail Creator

Title: Discover The 7 Fat Burning Tips That Made Me A Size 5 Again


What makes a great YouTube thumbnail?

We’re about to share tips on how you can create engaging thumbnails.

Firstly, thumbnails should work in conjunction with your video title.

For example, your thumbnail acts as a teaser
The accompanying title is the answer

Thumbnail: “How I lost 17 lbs in a Month
Title: Discover the 7  fat burning tips that made me a size 5 again!

In this example, the wording on the thumbnail sparks interest.
It’s short, concise and will remain legible when reduced to its actual size.
The texts easily fits within the confines of the dimensions.

Moreover, the title answers the question without ever having to click on the video. By not beating around the bush and being absolutely clear about the content of our video, we increase the likelihood of satisfying the needs of our viewers.

Finally, an engaged viewer will watch a video til the end if the content is valuable. Higher engagement translates to more views, more subscribers and a better chance that your video ends up on YouTube’s recommendations list.

We recommend using a free resource like Canva which helps you craft awesome thumbnails in no time.

Create Irresistible YouTube Thumbnails With Canva


Branding Your Way To The Top With YouTube Chanel Art


Youtube Channel Art

Youtube Channel Art

Top Youtubers use their channel’s welcome page to host an ‘about us’ video and informative channel art.

Youtube channel graphics are used to draw attention to your brand and your vision. In some instances, channel graphics contain pertinent information about upcoming events, product launches, promotional offers and video upload schedule. It’s a great way for potential subscribers to get a feel about who you are and what you represent in a short period of time. Think of your channel graphic as a digital business card. Your channel art needs to convey a message and sell that visitor into becoming a subscriber.

  • YouTube recommends that channel art size be set at 560 pixels wide by x 1440 tall
  • Minimum file dimensions: 2048 x 1152
  • Use 1546 x 423 in case your art have text and logos. This ensure none of the text gets cut off on different devices
  • Keep the file size under 4M

To make sure you get this just right, head on over to Canva to create eye-catching YouTube channel graphics.

Create Engaging YouTube Channel Graphics With Canva


YouTube Channel Graphic

YouTube Channel Graphic


Choose Your Colors Wisely


Coolors Color Scheme Generator

Coolors Color Scheme Generator


Colors are important when designing YouTube thumbnail.

Choose colors that are representative of your brand.

The right color scheme can set you apart, especially in competitive niches where everyone relies on similar color combinations.

Are you a plant expert?
Green, white and beige might work well.

Are you an animal lover who loves uploading dog-themed content?
Then a combination of brown, white and green could be the way to go.

If you’re struggling to come up with professional color combinations, don’t worry. is a super fast color schemes generator.

Color schemes play a major part in our decision making process.

Get your creative juices flowing as the fine folks at have this down to a science.


Use The Right Keywords


YouTube Keyword Research

YouTube Keyword Research


As more people turn to YouTube as a major marketing tool, your keyword game needs to be sharp.

Not only should you research which terms are used by your competitors, but be aware of the terminology used by your customers.

Once you’ve determined which words you’re aiming to target, be sure to include in the title and in audio portion of your video. Mention your keywords within your video. YouTube’s algorithm is keep a close eye on what is being said in your video. Google bots will rank your video accordingly based on the keywords it detects in your video, so be sure to speak clearly.

Lastly, avoid using swear words and offensive language as these WILL affect your ranking on YouTube.


Don’t be shy. Promote, promote, promote


YouTube Promotion

YouTube Promotion


The name of the game is promotion so don’t be coy and ask viewers to like, share, comment and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to have them click the notification button, a feature that will send them instant notification the minute you upload a video. Failure to remind your audience to subscribe to your channel translates to a loss of engagement. Lastly, a growing channel sends the right signal to YouTube’s algorithm and keeps you ahead of the competition.


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